Guide To: Skincare Hangover Cure

Went a bit overboard this Memorial Day weekend? Chances are, your face is drained and drier than usual. The number one solution to a hangover skin cure is to nourish moisture back to the skin.

Here’s how…

Wash up. Clean up all the dirt, oil, and bacteria left on your face from the night before. Choose a natural cleanser like NuReveal Organics’ Lemongrass Dream to clear impurities and soothes skin sensitivity. The citrusy fragrance also provides uplifting scent to start the day!

Apply a cold compress. If your face feels red or inflamed, consider a cold compress. Refinery29 agrees, a DIY ‘cold therapy’ goes much deeper than just icing a blemish or applying a cold spoon to puffy eyes — it can deliver a serious anti-aging boost, too.” More here. Go the extra mile and apply sliced cucumbers to de-puff eyes.

Nourish with a hydrating mask. Choose ingredients that will nurse and calm the skin, such as yogurt and honey. The lactic acid in yogurt is a natural cleanser and honey nourishes skin for immediate rejuvenation. Combine that with the benefits of yogurt’s probiotics, calcium, and live bacteria and you’ll end up with soft, glowing skin.” DIY recipe from Hello Glow, here.

Top off skin with a concentrated treatment. NuReveal Organics’ Glow Face is a serum that penetrates skin deep to provide deep hydration for plumped up skin. Bonus: it’s fortified with natural nutrients to reveal healthy, natural radiance.

Hydrate from within. Step away from coffee or caffeine and opt nutrient enriched liquids like coconut water, gatorade, or Pedialyte. The enzymes in these liquid provide a refreshing feel from inside and out!

Do one or more of the options above to cure skin back to health! Shop more NuReveal Organics products here

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