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AVOID Synthetic Fragrances

Everyday Health states, “As many as 30 percent of people surveyed in a study from the University of West Georgia said they find scented products irritating. Those with asthma or chemical sensitivities may find strong scents particularly problematic due to the allergy-like symptoms they cause.” Advice: avoid products with labels containing the word “fragrance” Clear skin leads to better confidence and confidence is key. Give your skin the nourishment it deserves – give your skin NuReveal! All natural, all the time. Check out this blog about being confident in your own skin:    

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A Day in the Sun

Whether you are spending a day at the beach or hiking, we have your skin protection routine covered. Step 1: ALWAYS apply sunscreen We linked one our favorite blogs  She writes about the switch from chemical sunscreens to organic sunscreens and the benefits of doing so.  Step 2: Apply the Detox Face Cleanser after spending the day in the sun This cleanser helps clean out pores and create an even complexion. Sweat can cause irritated skin and the Detox Cleanser can fix that.  Step 3: Apply the Young Coconut Face & Body Scrub  This is the key product in cleansing your body after a hot, sticky day. The oil film that this scrub leaves on your...

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