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3 Crazy Visors to help you avoid sun damage this summer

Although it feels great to spend time in the sun, it can take a toll on your skin. This is a result of the ultraviolet (UV) light that damages skin and causes sunburn. Over time, these rays can result in wrinkles, dark spots and other problem areas. This can lead to adding years to your looks. Research shows that UV exposure is the reason behind 80% of your skin’s aging. Here are some ridiculous visors that could inspire you to avoid the sunshine:  

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Who Are You Buying From?!

Let’s get… personal!! Time to officially meet the team behind NuReveal Organics!! Since we are all about transparency and showing our customers exactly what they are getting when they order our products, we thought it was time to show them WHO they are buying from! So today’s post is all about getting to know the people behind every product and post! First we will start with our amazing and talented founder, Alexandra Calvo! Alexi is from San Francisco and she graduated from UC Berkeley. Her job is to make sure people’s skin is happy and healthy J so in return, make sure to send some good feedback her way on how amazing the products she creates at home are! In...

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The Truth Behind Face Oils

In the past, it seemed that no one would touch a product that included oils and now we’ve realized that oil is a skin savior. It is said that face oils can be more effective than a moisturizer in some cases. Oils are great for different types of sensitive skin and help with irritability. NuReveal’s Bella Rosa Face Cleansing Oil includes seven different types of oil: vitamin e oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, castor oil, grape seed oil and tea tree oil. Gothamista is a vlogger who discusses what type of oil is best for you skin: check it out here

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A Day in the Sun

Whether you are spending a day at the beach or hiking, we have your skin protection routine covered. Step 1: ALWAYS apply sunscreen We linked one our favorite blogs  She writes about the switch from chemical sunscreens to organic sunscreens and the benefits of doing so.  Step 2: Apply the Detox Face Cleanser after spending the day in the sun This cleanser helps clean out pores and create an even complexion. Sweat can cause irritated skin and the Detox Cleanser can fix that.  Step 3: Apply the Young Coconut Face & Body Scrub  This is the key product in cleansing your body after a hot, sticky day. The oil film that this scrub leaves on your...

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What you are REALLY getting when you shop with NuReveal Organics!

We are back this week on the blog to say we hope everyone is enjoying their summer and taking note of our last post on how to care for your summer skin! This week we want to emphasize the importance of being a sustainable skin care company that uses recyclable and reusable containers, as well as all natural and plant based products! So not only do we provide super cute, simple, and chic glass containers for our products – they are also eco-friendly! What more could a gal want. Now a days, it is trending to have an “aesthetic” (if you do not believe use, just Google “Instagram Themes”!) and to live a healthy and simple lifestyle. While this may...

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