What you are REALLY getting when you shop with NuReveal Organics!

We are back this week on the blog to say we hope everyone is enjoying their summer and taking note of our last post on how to care for your summer skin!

This week we want to emphasize the importance of being a sustainable skin care company that uses recyclable and reusable containers, as well as all natural and plant based products! So not only do we provide super cute, simple, and chic glass containers for our products – they are also eco-friendly! What more could a gal want.

Now a days, it is trending to have an “aesthetic” (if you do not believe use, just Google “Instagram Themes”!) and to live a healthy and simple lifestyle. While this may seem a tad superficial, it is actually quite beneficial to companies like ours, and many others that are doing great things for the environment.

 At NuReveal, we make sure to pay attention to what our customers’ want, which is a sustainable brand that also does its job – taking care of your skin! NuReveal Organics uses non-toxic glass packaging on all products and avoids plastic at all costs. This way our containers can be reused for other purposes or products or simply recycled and turned into something new all together! We take pride in knowing all of our products, down to our containers, are natural and organic. 

While we can take credit for assisting in the battle for an eco-friendly skin care world, we also have to acknowledge other awesome companies and people who are doing the same!

For starters, there is the amazing brand we all know and love, Origins. Known for anything from skin care to bath and body to makeup, Origins is truly wonderful. They recycle cosmetic empties from ANY BRAND and package their own products with recycled materials created by renewable resources. If you are ever looking for a brand ready to help the environment – look no further, we have your answer! And if you just so happen to also be looking for a deep pore cleanser with mint, we would recommend their Zero Oil Cleanser!


Another brand that is well known for their contribution to the recycling world is none other than MAC Cosmetics. By returning 6 MAC primary packaging containers, customers can receive a free lipstick as their way of saying thanks for helping to take care of the environment! So if anyone needs even more of a reason to go purchase some amazing makeup products, here is your excuse – you are helping the environment!


And so now that we have your skin care and makeup covered, let’s finish it off with amazing sustainable and environmentally friendly hair products to try! We found a super awesome article on The Good Trade, which is an LA online publication full of super cool ideas and brands. Most of these hair products are dedicated to transparency, helping the environment, reusing and recycling their containers, and using all natural products – so many plus sides to this article!


That is all we have this week on the blog and we hope we inspired you, even just a little, to consider recycled and all natural products, whether that be the container they come in or the product itself! 

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