Summer Sulfate Detox

Summer Sulfate Detox

Time to ditch those sulfate-heavy skincare products you’ve been using for a clean, healthy alternative. With the solstice this week marking the onset of summertime, the days are becoming longer and hotter, proving a critical time to consider your current skincare routine. With the heat rising it is so important to hydrate, flush away toxins and give your skin the nutrients it needs to hold up to the sun.

To get that beautiful summer glow you crave, you’ll need to flush out some sulfate-ridden products in your daily regimen. Let’s start the detox!

First things first, what are sulfates exactly? It’s a great question due to the fact there is so much misconstrued information on the web. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is an emulsifying cleaning agent that typically ranges from 0.01% to 50% in cosmetic products. The chemical is synthesized by reacting lauryl alcohol with hydrogen laurel sulfate, which is then neutralized to produce, you guessed it, sulfates.              

“That’s a lot of scientific info. So, why should I skip sulfates? Other than the fact that these chemical agents are best suited for tough grease cleaners, there are many other major concerns with sulfates."

  • Animal Testing – Many products with sulfates are tested on animals first to measure irritation reaction. (Luckily, at NuReveal we are cruelty-free!)
  • Pollution/Environment- Sulfates down the drain can harm aquatic organisms, while the fight for Palm Oil is leading to the destruction of our rainforests.
  • Long-Term Health- Sulfates are often contaminated with cancer-causing irritants during the manufacturing process.

 “But I love the lathering of my products and don’t want to give that up.” We know you love the smooth bubbly lather that comes along with bad sulfates. Fortunately, sulfates aren’t the only way to achieve a great lather. That’s why our team has worked hard to utilize Whole Foods Standard Ingredient List of alternatives for the recipe in our Lemongrass Dream Cleanser to give you that lush lather you desire without the harmful additives.

NuReveal is here to help you get through your summer sulfate detox and achieve a natural healthy glow.

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